Mission: Tuesday Open House is the pastor’s initiative outreach ministry to expand knowledge of persons with Norwegian interests and/or background about Mindekirken and Norwegian culture via five areas of interest. Areas are:  Norwegian literature, historic/contemporary Norwegian life, music, theology/faith/life, and art. The program provides an opportunity for fellowship, a time for devotions, a time to eat a lunch and always interesting presentations.

Velkommen til Tuesday Open House  

Tuesdays, September-May, in Fellowship Hall

10:30 a.m.         Doors open
11-11:30 a.m.    Lunch is available
11:45 a.m.         Welcome and Announcements
12-1:00 p.m.      Program presentation

$10 donation per person upon entry includes lunch and program 

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No advance payment required. Our goal is to know how many are coming so that we can be prepared.

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November 21                                                                    
What’s New at Vesterheim
Presenter: Chris Johnson, President/CEO

Vesterheim is a National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School. It is a national treasure featuring a world-class collection of artifacts and a Heritage Park of 12 historic buildings, as well as a Folk Art School in scenic Decorah, Iowa. There are always exciting things happening at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum. Find out the latest news about exhibitions, events, and other programs.


November 28
The Saga of Immigration
Presenter: Gracia Grindal

In Rølvaag's great novel on Norwegian immigration, his two main characters, a married couple, Per Hansa and his wife, Beret, represent two sides of those who immigrated: the optimistic Per Hansa, who shows us what the immigrants found, and Beret who marked the spiritual cost of the immigration. She shows us what the immigrants lost when they left home and family and went out into the frontier without a familiar culture, religion, or support from parents. How they adapt to the South Dakota prairie is what the novel treats. It is a tragic and moving story that all descendants of immigrants to America should read and treasure to understand the sacrifices made by the first generation so their children could flourish in the New Land.


December 5
Ringing in Christmas with the GraceNotes Trio

Connie, Pat, and Diane have been singing and laughing for over 740 shows during the last 23 years. They are looking forward to a return engagement at Mindekirken’s Tuesday Open House. These women are all members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Burnsville.

Please join the Grace Notes for their Christmas show filled with laughter, singalongs, bell ringing, and three-part harmony. They will weave their way through wonderful Christmas classics and share some of the stories behind the music, and, of course, they will honor their Norwegian heritage.


December 12
Faith and Christmas and More in Nordic Fairy Tales
Presenter: Pastor Gunnar Kristiansen

Gunnar Kristiansen will give a presentation about Nordic fairy tales, their connection to Christmas and also their spiritual message. Both Hans Christian Andersen's and Asbjørnsen and Moe's fairy tales will be included.


December 19
Trains, Planes, and Kaffeprat: Reflections with Charlotte Breivik

Presenter: Charlotte Breivik

Our very own husmor, Charlotte Breivik, will share many reflections from her life. From a childhood with her immigrant parents, to frequent train trips to North Dakota, to personal reflections on life's ups and downs, and of course sharing on her boundless creativity and energy in creating hospitality for our Mindekirken community.


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