Mindekirken Centennial 2022



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Mindekirken History Book For Sale ("Against the Current"):

Click here to purchase a copy of Gracia Grindal's book, "Against the Current" which covers Mindekirken's history from its founding to about 1960."


In 1922, a group of young Norwegian Americans established a congregation in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis that would use the Norwegian language exclusively. This went against the tide of the times when Norwegian American churches were changing over to English and there was much pressure to only speak English.

Beginning on January 8, 2022, Mindekirken will observe a year celebrating its history. The evening of January 8 there was a gala banquet to kick off the year, followed by a festive service on Sunday, January 9, exactly 100 years to the day when the congregation was founded.

Pastor Jens Dale, who served the congregation from 2002 to 2005, preached and a new hymn by Stig Warnø Holter was premiered by the choir and congregation.

Through the year, there will be other such concerts and festivities.

The last Sunday of June, the 26th, Pr. Anne Brit Aasland (Mindekirken 2018-2021) is back to lead the family service and preach at the 11 a.m. bilingual worship, followed by a special kirkekaffe fellowship.

The last weekend of July, during Olsok (the anniversary of Saint Olav’s martyrdom at Stiklestad) we will have a formal banquet at Minnesota Valley Country Club on Sat., July 30, 5 pm, and special worship service on Sunday, July 31 at 10 a.m. when former Mindekirken Pastor Kristin Sundt (2009-2017) will be the guest and preacher.

On January 8, 2023, we will conclude the festivities. Per Inge Vik (Mindekirken 2006-2009) will preach. We are hoping that Norway House will be finished by then so we can share a festive time together.

There are several musical compositions that have been commissioned for the services, there will be presentations concerning the history of the church, special guests from Norway to help us celebrate the year.

The calendar that was prepared using the watercolors of Kari Fosse is available for $25 15 - midyear discount! plus postage, with prints of her paintings, and note cards with some of the paintings on them; the anniversary button, t-shirts and other such souvenirs are also for sale.

Please help support this project with gifts to the fund and gifts to the church to help us assure the future of Mindekirken during the next 100 years!


Mindekirken is called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people, empowering service to others.
Mindekirken practices its ministry through Norwegian traditions, culture, and language.