Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.
--Romans 15:7

 Ta derfor imot hverandre slik Kristus har tatt imot dere, til Guds ære
--Rom 15:7


Welcome to Mindekirken!  We are glad that you are interested in visiting our church and that you are checking our website.  We want you to feel comfortable when you come to visit so let us give you an idea of what to expect when you visit.

The Building
When you arrive, the closest parking is in the parking lots on the north and west sides of the church.  Mindekirken shares a parking lot with Norway House.       

Mindekirken has handicap parking in the lot, close to the north lobby door at the canopy entrance.  The building is handicapped accessible from this north door and there is elevator access to all levels of the church.   The south facing entrance of the office wing has two steps.

What can I expect during the church service?
English service is at 9:00am which follows the ELCA green book of worship.  The 11:00am Norwegian service follows the liturgy from the Lutheran Church of Norway.   Don’t worry about understanding Norwegian!  You will be surprised how easy it is to follow the service and if you need help, the bulletin includes an English translation of the liturgy and the sermon.

Ask the ushers for large print bulletins or hearing devices for those who are visually impaired or hard of hearing.

What do I wear?
Folks come to worship wearing everything from jeans to suits and you’re likely to see a fair share Norwegian sweaters!   You are welcome to worship with us no matter what you are wearing.  God does not care what you wear and neither do we!

You're always welcome to visit us and worship with us.  If you decide that you'd like to become a member, there are four times throughout the year that we have special days to welcome new members.  Contact the church office if you are interested in membership.

We hope to welcome you to a church service this Sunday!

We hope that we have answered most of your questions here in this website.  If you have any other questions or need clarification, you can always contact a staff member for further assistance.  We hope you will join us this Sunday and experience Mindekirken for yourself. 

Mindekirken is called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people, empowering service to others.
Mindekirken practices its ministry through Norwegian traditions, culture, and language.