April 12, 2022     Runestone! A Rock Musical 
 Presented by: Mark Jensen

Kensington native and playwright, Mark Jensen, of New Hope will speak about all the research he did for the musical  he developed entitled, "Runestone! A Rock Musical." The runestone found in 1898 on the Olof Ohman farm,  northeast of Kensington, MN, has been controversial from its discovery. The musical centers on Olof Ohman and his family as they grapple with accusations that Olof carved the runes as a hoax.

Mark is writing the book and lyrics, and Gary Rue is composing the music and writing additional lyrics. Runestone! A Rock Musical will open in May 2022 at the History Theater in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Audio files: Here are the audio files that were not conveyed during the Zoom presentation so are not in the video recording. 
Play these when you get to the place where they are missing.
First audio: The Gran Tape
Second audio: Edward Ohman Interview  

TOH Zoom Recording 04-12-2022 Runestone! A Rock Musical by Mark Jensen

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